Rosali - Trouble Anyway (album cover).jpg

Rosali -

Trouble Anyway


I Wanna Know 5:21

Dead and Gone 4:12

3. Lie To Me 3:49

Who’s to Say 4:25

Silver Eyes 3:09

Trouble Anyway 3:51

If I Was Your Heart 3:21

Rise to Fall 7:55

Maybe I’m Right 3:24

Philadelphia-based musician Rosali  Long Hots, Wandering Shade) wrote the songs for her second album, Trouble Anyway (released July 6),  seeking empowerment by sharing openly on love, power, aging, suffering, confusion, self-doubt, and anger. The result is a full-bodied record that is at once sweeping and intimate-- a vulnerable and powerful exploration of emotional narratives. Trouble Anyway showcases Rosali’s background in diverse musical styles from free improv, garage rock, country, and pop, to folk-infused song-craft. Following up her 2016 debut Out of Love (Siltbreeze), named one of the top 100 records of 2016 by Uncut Magazine, Rosali’s sophomore effort is a cohesive collection of lush, intimate rock songs, featuring her warm, natural vocals and powerful riffing and rhythm guitar.

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Rosali’s  close friends and A-list musicians Charlie Hall (The War on Drugs), Paul Sukeena (Angel Olsen, Spacin’), Mary Lattimore, Mike Polizze (Purling Hiss), Nathan Bowles (Steve Gunn, Black Twig Pickers),  Mike Sobel (Oldermost),andGretchen Lohse (Carol Cleveland Sings)and Dan Provenzano (Purling Hiss, Writhing Squares), add a dynamic and energetic live band sound. The resulting record is an evocative and multilayered collection, moving from psych jammer “Rise to Fall,” to the stripped down folk rock of “Silver Eyes,” and propulsive pop-infused tracks like “I Wanna Know” and “Lie to Me.” Recorded at Uniform Recording, Rosali co-produced Trouble Anyway with Jeff Zeigler, who has also engineered records for The War on Drugs, Allison Crutchfield (also of Waxahatchee), and Kurt Vile, among others.

“I’ve never once mentioned it out loud before this, but one of my favorite micro-genres in the giant soap opera of the pop canon are those killer Stevie Nicks songs that were cut short from Fleetwood Mac records when it seemed maybe Lindsey Buckingham was being kind of a jerk about things. The weighty what-if’s of those lovingly made songs that were meant for pointless car rides and heartbreaks. The picture’s so clear--two sisters or maybe friends caught on a side porch in the rain, waiting in their smocking and summer tops for something to happen or to heal. Nothing came of these pictures except in my own corny and sentimental imagination, but I just know it would have all worked out.

I first fell in love with Rosali’s songs for this reason, the way her work takes you straight to that brave and big-hearted dream within songwriting. Every song stands strongly as it’s very own world, well-worn by the history of the underground but accessible as daylight.

There’s a disarming array of care and ease stacked up here in Trouble Anyway. It all adds up to a benevolent fortress that we’re all lucky enough to be welcomed into. It’s a joy to hear the beautiful performances and recording by a group of formidably talented friends who sound so happy to support the incredible hooks and foundations within the songs. And the natural, warm resonance of her vocal performances share more than anything prescriptive, contrived or confessional ever could. It’s a power that comes from Rosali singing these incredibly crafted songs in her very own voice. She walks that tight line effortlessly, inviting the listener in without swallowing them up whole or needing anything back in return. These songs aren't for Rosali, they’re for you. Enjoy taking them with you and making them your own.”

-Meg Baird, San Francisco, CA, Spring 2018