Pre-order QUILT OF THE UNIVERSE, a Constellation of Artists from Ami Dang to Precious Bryant (out 6/21)

We’re very excited to announce our first compilation, Quilt of the Universe, available digitally and on limited edition cassette tape, 6/21.

In 1977, NASA launched a 12-inch phonographic record in to space, with the words “To the makers of music—all worlds, all times,” inscribed in the plate. A hundred years earlier in rural Iowa, science teacher Ellen Harding Baker stitched her “Solar System Quilt” to illustrate the known galaxy for her astronomy students. Featuring unreleased tracks by Precious BryantMarisa AndersonVillage of SpacesJake Xerxes Fussell, and more, the patchwork that is Quilt of the Universe shares these crossed impulses—to blast terrestrial expression into the cosmos, and translate galactic information into an earthly object. It is a constellation of perspectives and interpretations of the story of our respective corners of this world and time, for the listeners of music—all worlds, all times. Learn more | Pre-order

Quilt of the Universe Tracklist:

Side A

  1. Unstruck Sound (Santahu Man Pavnai Sukh Baniaa) - Ami Dang

  2. Stellaria Media - Emmalee Hunnicutt

  3. Return of the Mack - JJ_FS

  4. Untitled - Ilyas Ahmed

  5. Our Own Bodies - West of Roan

  6. I Saw God - Michelle Dove and Brian Howe

  7. Creatures - Fitness Womxn

Side B

  1. Going Down to Fannie Mae's Place (Don't Start Me Talkin') - Precious Bryant

  2. Catcall - Slut Pill

  3. Burdock Shadows - Susu Robin

  4. A Gay Goshawk - Carole Pegg & Radik Tülüsh

  5. Handsome Molly - Jake Xerxes Fussell

  6. Khida - Tavishi

  7. The Night Is Long - Village of Spaces

  8. Shenandoah - Marisa Anderson