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About Us

SPINSTER is an intersectional feminist record label founded in winter 2018 as a partnership between three friends-- Sarah Henson, Emily Hilliard, and Sally Anne Morgan. Grounded by their backgrounds in music, folklore, and art, the women of SPINSTER are interested in supporting a diverse range of musicians who explore territory across the traditional, radical, and experimental. As SPINSTER grows, look for compilation tapes centered around common themes and creative prompts, unearthed archival gems, groundbreaking debut releases by emerging artists, and innovative returns from veteran heroines -- all making unlikely connections across genres and forms.

Oh do you know her or do you not?
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Sarah Henson

Multi-instrumentalist Sarah Louise began her career with two solo 12-string guitar records that earned her praise from Pitchfork as “one of the most exciting figures in solo guitar music” and from NPR as a creator of “new languages” for the guitar. The music she makes with Sally as House and Land comes out of their fluid and boundless view of folk music that respects it as a web of living forms. Her solo debut for Thrill Jockey, Deeper Woods, is a meditation on her home in the Appalachians through lushly arranged songs she produced and largely recorded herself. Improvisation is an equally vital part of her musical life, and she enjoys connecting with musicians from many different scenes by creating new worlds with them-in-the-moment. Other interests include cultural imaginations of rural life, the histriography of music, mushroom hunting and her sweet pooch Poppy.


Emily Hilliard

Emily Hilliard is a folklorist, writer, media producer, and musician. She is currently the West Virginia state folklorist and founding director of the West Virginia Folklife Program, and worked previously at cultural heritage institutions including Smithsonian Folkways Recordings and the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. Her work and research centers around feminism, creativity, and domestic labor, and the intersection of traditional, experimental, and radical culture; her diverse music interests tend to inhabit those same realms. Emily holds an M.A. in folklore from the University of North Carolina, and has been a DJ on college and community radio stations WOMM-Burlington, VT; WXYC-Chapel Hill, and Washington, D.C.'s Radio CPR.

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Sally Anne Morgan

Sally Anne Morgan is a musician, music lover, artist and collaborator. Sally plays with the Black Twig Pickers and House and Land, both groups established as dedicated practitioners of traditional music re-cast and shaped by appreciation of modern improvisation, minimalism, microtonality and drone based music from across the globe. As such her musical interests are far ranging and deep, from Appalachian field recordings to Krautrock to free jazz to psychedelic folk rock and beyond. Her favorite record store is Harvest Records in Asheville where she used to work. She aIso does letterpress printing, illustration and visual art under the name Ratbee Press.